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The season of ‘Top Chef: Seattle‘ has finally come to an end. The chefs walking an area filled with people. Kirsten states, “I didn’t expect a f**king stadium!” They have 3 hours to create 5 dishes. The first to win 3 courses wins the title of Top Chef.

Brooke’s team consists of CJ for his “beautiful palate,” Stefan because he is “quick” and Kuniko for her “level of precision.”

Kristen’s team has Josh, Lizzie and Sheldon. She picked them based on their mellow tempers and lack of egos.

Brooke is relying on her use of “bigger and bolder flavors.” She is busting out her pigs ears and appears to be ready to pee her pants! They serve their dishes and Kristen gets a generous amount of praise for her chicken liver mousse. Execution errors may have cost Brooke the win. Kish gets the first round and it is Brooke – 0, Kristen – 1.

Kristen repeats her mantra, simple and clean…simple and clean. Stefan taunts her by informing her that he has chosen the color of their baby’s room – light blue for a boy. CJ appears to be a popular guy with crowd he gets a holla from the fans in the audience.

The scallop dish both competitors are required to present is next. Brooke gets a thumbs up from the general feedback. Kristen also gets a pat on the back for her take. Brooke finally gets a nod from Gail and Emeril. Tom gives his vote to Kristen along with Padma, Hugh makes the deciding vote for Brooke! It’s 1 to 1 now. The next dishes are due in 34 minutes.

Brooke is going for a chicken redemption! It’s risky, but could pay out. She gets mixed reviews Emeril and Hugh love it. Tom…not so much. Kristen brings some bone marrow to the table. Tom is in a state of “um” after tasting the dish. She manages to pull out the win. It’s now Kristen – 2, Brooke – 1.

It’s the red snapper round and the pressure is on. Literally, they have pressure cookers everywhere. After a brief pimp of the past 9 Top Chef winners, we get back to the kitchen. Brooke and Stefan are having a little lovers quarrel that fizzles out as quickly as it started. She ends up being very happy with the way her dish turned out while Kristen admits she is “nervous and sweaty.”

The results of this round could end it now. Gail is torn, but votes for Kristen. Emeril is next and rocks a bit before giving Kristen his vote. Tom could end it all with a final vote for Kish…he bites his lip and gives her the win! Kristen Kish is the winner of Season 10 of Top Chef!

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Team Brooke! | March 1st, 2013

I was really pulling for Brooke! I still feel like she got a raw deal. Kristen was such a favorite.