‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 3 Episode 9 ‘Suicide King’

Blogging Dead continues!

When we last left the group…

*The group stormed Woodbury to free Maggie and Glen from the execution they were just minutes away from.

*Michonne realizes how much she needs Rick and company to survive.

*The Governor’s secrets start to come out as Michonne stabs him in the eye with a broken piece of glass.

*Daryl was caught by the henchmen of Woodbury and the Gov. has pinned the break-in on Merle and Daryl. The town is practically rioting for their blood.

*Tyreese finally enters the scene with his small clan. Carl locks them in their own block until they can prove their worth.

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We start right where we left off. Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Merle (Michael Rooker) are surrounded by the bloodthirsty townspeople. The Governor circles before demanding to find out where Merle’s loyalty really lies. He demands the Dixon brothers fight to death.

Merle throws the first punch and knocks Daryl to the ground. They exchange a few punches as the Woodbury henchman come in with some walkers to encircle them. In the dirt, Daryl asks if Merle really thinks the Governor will really let him go if he kills him. Merle tells him to shut up and follow his lead because they are getting out of there together.

Andrea is being held back by some henchman as she begs for them to stop. As the Dixon brothers rise and start zombie punching everything in sight. Shots ring out and smoke bombs fly through the air. Rick and Maggie return to rescue Daryl but get both Dixon brothers. Awesome moment – Daryl snatches his crossbow back as he escapes the town. A walker manages to get into break in the town walls.

As Rick and company approach Michonne and Glen, they immediately draw their weapons on sight of Merle. They want his blood and they aren’t backing down. It’s tense as they scream at each other while Merle fuels the fire with stupid remarks that his character is so good at throwing out. Eventually, Rick has enough and pistol whips Merle in the back of the head. YAY! He has an off button!

Back at the jail, Tyreese and the rest of the group are starting to mingle. They eat what I am pretty sure is Ramen and we get a bit of the back story there. Tyreese and his daughter survived the apocalypse by hiding out in a crazy neighbor’s bunker. They had a group of 25, but a herd took most of them out. Hershel is warming to them, but suggests they will be leaving. Tyreese begs, but the former farmer asserts that the decision isn’t his.

Back with Rick, the fighters sent out to save Maggie/Glen/then Daryl argue over what to do with Merle. Daryl is sticking with his brother. Glen wants him dead, but tries to convey that Daryl is part of their family. Eventually Daryl gives an ultimatum: “No him, no me.” Rick is in the proverbial “rock and a hard place” and begs Daryl to stay with the group. Their pleas fall on deaf ears and Daryl leaves with Merle. Perhaps in the rage of losing Daryl or just standing on the edge of squirrel shiz nutty, Rick turns on Michonne and tells her she will need to pack her knives and go as soon as she is stitched up.

Tyreese’s groupies go a little crazy and want to try and overtake the prison. “It’s just a woman and a boy!” Tyreese is standing firm in respecting the group. Beth and Axel bring out shovels and interrupt the argument. Tyreese and his daughters grab the possible weapons and stand between their members on the edge and the members of the Ricktatorship. They thank them for their offer to help, but decline to try and hide the crazy.

Rick, Maggie, Michonne and Glen leave without Daryl and come across a tree blocking the road. Glen stomps the rotting brains out of a walker in his anger and starts question Rick. He wants to know how and why the Governor is still alive. He is furious that Daryl is gone and the have a new set of problems. Maggie interrupts with a plea to save the argument for later.

The people of Woodbury are scared and try to leave the town. Several have packed up their cars and are attempting to drive out the front gate. The henchmen refuse passage and the noise draws some walkers to the gates, furious, one of the gun wielding guards drags a driver who is repeatedly honking out of his car. The Governor is pretty much hiding in his digs. The walker that entered through Merle’s escape route has found himself a feast. The screams of an attacked couple interrupt the brewing riot and Andrea has an internal war over whether or not to shot the bitten man begging for help on the group. The Gov. walks out, shoots him in the head and leaves without saying a word. This is what Andrea chooses to be pissy about and confronts him. Floaty zombie heads – cool. Ending a man’s suffering without saying hello first – not cool. What?

Rick and the remaining group returns to the jail, Carol is devastated to learn the Daryl picked Merle over her and the rest of the group. Later, she and Beth have a chat about his abandonment. Beth is worried about the group’s strength without Daryl. She reminisces about him feeding Judith and dubbing her “Little Ass Kicker” (and making my ovaries explode).

Andrea and the Gov. are having a chat of their own. She is pissed he isn’t on damage control and he is clearly not up for anymore picnics and is preparing for war. She finally asks why Daryl was even in the town and Gov. finally tells her a bit of about Glen and Maggie being there so Merle could find his brother.

Speaking of chats…Hershel and Rick have one of their own. A very brief recap of what happened goes down and Hershel finally show Rick that they have company. He strolls in their locked cell block without saying a word. Rick goes to Judith and holds her, but it is an odd moment…she cries and appears to go to a dark place.

Back in Woodbury, the people are about to riot by Andrea gives a lame speech about Woodbury making history some day. If I saw bitches getting eaten, I’d need more than a history book’s mention to appease me, but it is enough for the looming rioters who go about their business.

Hershel cleans up Maggie and Glen’s wounds. The couple isn’t so lovey dovey and they both are hushed on the subject of what they endured. Maggie sits in a separate cell cleaning blood off of herself while Hershel tells Glen he is like a son to him. Michonne is out. After Hershel stitches her up, she sleeps as Rick questions how fast he can kick her out. Later, he also questions how close and to what extent the trouble with the Governor will be. The group hopes he scared off, but Michonne knows that he is coming and explains his fondness for trophy heads.

Rick finally exchanges words with Tyreese who is willing to find their own food and help with any problems other groups might pose. Rick immediately answers NO. The rest of the group, very aware the Gov. is going to be knocking on their front door soon, protests. Hershel even pulls him aside to tell him to rethink the decision.

Here is where we see the crack in Rick break into full fledged CRAZY. He states that he can’t have more blood and responsibility on his hands and reaffirms his NO. Then he sees a ghostly version of Lori standing in white silk dress on the second floor. The crack splits into a huge break and Rick starts mumbling to himself and he unravels screaming at everyone to leave. Glen ushers Tyreese’s group out as Rick paces frantically screaming.

That’s it for Episode 9!

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