‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 3 Episode 11 ‘I Ain’t a Judas’

Blogging Dead continues!

When we last left the group…

*Rick is playing hide-and-seek with a vision of Lori.

*Daryl realizes Merle is a self serving douche canoe and returns to the group just in time to save Rick from becoming a walker appetizer.

*Andrea is still dumb and wandering around Woodbury trying to piece together the very obvious fact that the Governor is a bad motherfella.

*The Governor is still super creepy and shows us his “O” face while attacking the prison.

*Glenn is trying so hard to fill Rick’s place as head bitch, but failing. Miserably.

*We said goodbye to Axel after her becomes a human shield for Carol during the Governor’s attack.

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The group tries to get some kind of direction now that Rick is out of the woods and Daryl has returned. Merle is kept behind bars for the time being and manages not to say something too stupid. Rick is still crumbling and just a shell. As he attempts to walk out…again…but Hershel finally steps up and demands he own up to the Ricktatorship and “do something.”

Later, Rick is surveying the woods when he sees something white move in the trees. He is interrupted by Carl who gives him a talk. He suggest he let Hershel and Daryl “handle things” while he takes a break.

Milton give the Governor a report on able bodies that can defend the town. The Gov. isn’t happy with the numbers and tells him to include anyone 13 and up who can hold a gun. His numbers total 34 according to his puppy.

Andrea hears about prison attack and starts to question WTF happened. The Gov says Rick fired first and she seems to buy it. She wants to go to the prison and he tells her, “You go to the prison, stay there.”

The group feels trapped. Merle is revealing what he thinks the Governor will attack and either starve them out or show up with an army. Despite his attempts to help, the subject of Merle is still really tricky. Glen wants to give the Governor to Merle as a bargaining chip. Hershel wants to keep him to fight and Daryl insists says he stays the subject is closed. Glenn is livid and says that he would never make him live with Shane after what he did.

Hershel goes to Merle to test his waters. He busts out a Bible and tries to school him on God, but as he is quoting passage, Merle finishes his sentence. It is a brief spar and Merle breaks it down…the Governor will kill Michonne, him and Daryl before moving on to everyone else leaving Rick for last so he can see the people he loves “die ugly.”

Back in Woodbury, the Gov survey’s his “army” dismissing a woman with arthritis but keeping an asthmatic 14 year old kid. His mother protests, but he assures her that he will learn to take care of himself.

Carol and Daryl have a “moment” that is awkward and has zero chemistry. I want to like these two together, but it’s so vanilla. She tells him she is glad he is back, but he seems unmoved. He calls their “home” a tomb. She slips in that she doesn’t like Merle and hopes the bad brother won’t “bring him down.”

Andrea confides in Milton that she is going to sneak out to the prison. She begs for his help and asks him not to tell the Gov. Minutes later, Milton tells the Gov Andrea is sneaking out. Oddly, he instructs Milton to help her get to the prison.

Out in the woods, Andrea and Milton make a new “pet” by chopping off a walker’s arms and curb stomping his teeth out. She uses him as cover and Tyrese stumble upon her. Ah! It’s slowly coming together. Milton takes them back to Woodbury while Andrea goes on to the prison.

Michonne works out while Merle tries to apologize for attempting to kill her. She isn’t really receptive…maybe because his apology lacks the words: I’m and sorry. Or they just don’t make a Hallmark card that can fully capture the whole “I’m sorry I tried to kill. KTHANXBAI!”

Andrea arrives at the prison and the group springs into defense. They spread across the prison yard in a military manner. Andrea is shocked at their living conditions and the way they are now operating. Instead of a warm “You’re alive HUGS!” welcome. They flat out tell her what really happened with the Governor’s attack on the prison, but she has her Imagination Time cap on (thanks to Mrs.Crumb for giving me an extra cool one in kindergarten) and thinks they can all sit down and “work it out.”

Rick and the group stand firm in telling her they want his head…on a stick…sans another eyeball…on fire. He finally shuts her down totally and walks out after she refuses to help them get back into Woodbury to launch another assault.

Andrea and Michonne take their issues outside. The sword wielding newcomer says that Andrea was “under his spell” from the moment she say him. Andrea blames Michonne for “poisoning the group” and gets a retort that breaks it down…”you chose a warm bed over a friend.”

The Gov. goes to Tyrese and his group who are in the makeshift hospital area. He feeds them a syrupy story about how the town was attacked. He stops as soon as one of the group mentions a “whack job back at the prison.” He tries to hide his interest. The spill the details of Rick going crazy. Tyrese is just desperate for a refuge.

Back at the jail, Andrea holds Judith and talks with Carol. She gives a very brief detail of how Lori and Shane died. Andrea notes Rick’s insanity. Carol, out of nowhere, suggests “Vagina Warfare” and tells her to sleep with the Governor and then “end it.” I am starting to warm up to this girl!

Andrea leaves the prison on a car supplied by Rick. He has a brief moment of sanity and the old Rick surfaces to tell her to be careful as he supplies her with a gun and knife. She returns to Woodbury and the 14 year old kid is at the gate with an increased guard. He is awkward and clueless.

She runs to the Governor and tells him she went to the prison. She tries to tell him the group is broken and living in dismal conditions. He doesn’t care and asks if Michonne and Merle are there. She confirms they are and things get creepy. He asks why she came back and an uncomfortable seduction ensues.

Rick seems to find a grip for a moment while holding Judith. They are all camping in the cell silently and Beth breaks into song. Rick, Hershel and Daryl have a quiet convo. Rick states that he is going on a run and taking Carl and Michonne with him. It’s a test for both and he instructs Daryl to keep his brother in check and anything that happens is on his shoulders.

Andrea slips out of the Gov’s bed and grabs her knife. It appears she is going to go all Le Femme Nikita on the Governor. As she walks, naked, with her knife to the sleeping man, she wimps out and goes to stand by the window instead.


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