Phillip Phillips Mother Arrested For DUI (Mugshot)

American Idol alum Phillip Phillips‘ mom was arrested for a DUI on Thursday.

TMZ reports Cheryl Phillips was taken into custody after an undercover unit observed her swerving her van across lanes of traffic in Albany, Georgia.

“They didn’t smell or detect any alcohol on her person, but she couldn’t complete the field sobriety test so our guys charged her with less safe since she was under the influence of something.”

Sheryl was first transported to the hospital, where doctors checked her out and found her fit enough to be hauled off to face charges. She has reportedly been booked into a Dougherty County jail.

Rumors have surfaced that Cheryl and her husband split last week.

Phillip reportedly has a rocky relationship with his family after he refused to help out with their finances when their pawn shop went under.

Phillip was accused of blowing off his family in a time of need.

There’s been no comment from the “Idol’ singer just yet.

Meanwhile, Phillips spent his Valentine’s Day in Detroit, performing a brief three-song acoustic set for a small crowd at Detroit’s Magic Stick Thursday afternoon.

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