Patrick Carney Changes His Name To Justin Bieber On Twitter

The Black KeysPatrick Carney transformed himself into Justin Bieber on Twitter.

Last week, Justin said that Carney “should be slapped” after the drummer criticized his music at the Grammys.

That’s exactly what ‘The Beliebers’ did, they slapped Carney around via Twitter.

To retaliate, Carney changed his Twitter name to “Justin Bieber” over the weekend, and kept up the ruse going long enough to re-ignite Bieber’s fans.

Carney gleefully retweeted their most awful comments.

Carney took the internet hoax one step further by posting a link to the “new world premiere” of a Justin Bieber track. However, the link is directed to a YouTube video of DEVO’s ‘Recombo DNA’.

Carney changed back to himself saying, “Only thing I remember from being Bieber is that I was really thirsty the whole time.”

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