Octomom Thought She Lost Her Kid… She’s Nuts!

Octomom is totally losing it! Yesterday cops were called to Nadya Suleman‘s house because her son didn’t come home from school… except he totally did.

Apparently, Nadya thought her 7-year-old son had gone missing! She freaked out and called school officials, who then called law enforcement.

By the time cops arrived to Casa de Octo, her nanny informed them that the boy was sleeping in his bed like he always does after school.

So wait, what happened?

Well Octo was as confused as we are! She claims she never saw her son get dropped off by the school bus. She is convinced someone else must have taken him home.

Here’s the problem, the bus driver told school officials that he clearly saw Nadya greet her son when he dropped him off at her home!

Lapse of memory? Drugs? Loss of mental stability? What is going on Octo?

This is what happens when you have too many kids! You’re bound to lose a few!

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