Miley Cyrus: ‘Superman Dat Hoe!’ (Photo)

Apparently Miley Cyrus still likes to get high…

The former Disney star took to her Twitter yesterday and showed the world you don’t need wings to fly.

In the photo we see Miley looking like she’s having a good time while her friend holds her up in the air with his feet… Random!

Could this be the new Planking? Cyrus captioned the photo, “Superman dat hoe! Woahhhhhh!!!!! ”

The phrase comes from a lyric in the hit (but should never be played on the radio ever again) Soulja Boy song “Crank That.”

Leave it to Miley Cyrus to use a totally innapropriate phrase for a seemingly innocent photo.

On a side note, Miley just got signed to RCA Records and plans on releasing a new album this year! Are you excited or what!?!

Miley you’re growing on me. Keep up the kookiness.

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