Miley Cyrus Smoking A Big Blunt (Photo)

Miley Cyrus doesn’t care what you think.

Miley shared a photo of herself smoking what appears to be a blunt on her Instagram account Tuesday, accompanied by the no-frills caption, “High as fvck.”

This isn’t the first time the 20-year-old engaged pop star has shared her love for marijuana.

Miley publicly called herself a “stoner” and a “pothead” when she was given a Bob Marley birthday cake on her 19th birthday.

AND… if that isn’t amusing enough, Miley would like you to believe she doesn’t have an Instagram account:

“I don’t have an Instagram.”

That means this account isn’t hers (888,576 followers). Nor is this one (49,471 followers).

Some of the photos under those accounts look rather personal, ie Miley with her mom in the car. Her new dog ‘Bean’ munching on a wig. Was Miley hacked months and months ago?

Here’s more photos of her smoking blunts.

Do you believe Miley? OR — is she just the next Rihanna?

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