Miley Cyrus Slams Perez Hilton On Twitter

Don’t mess with Miley Cyrus‘ personal life!

The 20-year-old singer lashed out at Hilton, when he insinuated that she was up to no good with Ed Westwick.

Perez reported that the two were spotted together last night and speculating as to what that could possibly mean.

Miley vented her anger to her fans on Twitter.

“@perezhilton hope you find love one day but can you not f#ck with mine. I’ve never been with Ed W in my life. I was at the studio last night working on my record and never left with anyone other than my assistant.

What happened to your big enlightenment, what happened to your promise to spread love not lies. And to be a decent human being with values and morals??? Dude u ask for people to respect you and your relationships I demand the same thing.”

See how she ended her rant with “blessings”? Only a true southerner will add a “God bless you, blessings etc” to a full-on smackdown. 10 points Gryffindor.

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