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Now that we have the Season 10 ‘Top Chef’ crowned, what happens next? While we pine away for the next season to return to delight our culinary desires, casting is already gearing up. But, what about life after ‘Top Chef’ for the contestants who went through the war?

They will get recognized. As Stephanie Izard may or may not remember my worshiping her food in unending gushes about how wonderful I found her. Emeril breaks it down with his catchphrase coming back at him. To this day, people still yell “BAM!” at him. “That’s the kind of thing these [chefs] are going to have to deal with now,” he explained.

The first winner of the series, Harold Dieterle had gotten a rather odd offer – a fan wanted to have his baby. “I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’”

What about the money? Some blow it on paving the road to their career, while others use it for more practical purposes. Stephanie wisely paid off credit cards and other debts. Blaise invested into his kids’ future. They have a pretty nice college fund started.

Some remain more prominent in tv. The Voltaggio Brothers are repeat faces on Bravo and have a few cooking specials. Fabio and Spike along with Jennifer and Richard were hits on ‘Life After Top Chef.’ Carla Hall went on to join a chat show called ‘The Chew.’

One thing that hasn’t changed…they still cook and love it.

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