Lana Del Rey Working On ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack!

So it looks like Lana Del Rey will be featured in the new The Great Gatsby film coming out later this year!

The Born To Die singer is said to be composing original music for the highly anticipated film’s soundtrack.

The singer hinted back in November that she was working with composers for a future film that was set in the 20s.

“I’ve been helping composers write scores for movies. So, like, there’s a movie coming out in the summer that’s set in the 1920s and it’s been fun for me to write love songs for the woman who is the star.”

Then just yesterday Lana posted a photo on her Facebook of the logo for the upcoming Gatsby film, but then deleted it… doesn’t get more obvious than that right?

Well just to make sure everyone got the hint, she tweeted the word, “GATSBY.” This time she didn’t take it down!

While an official announcement has yet to be made, it’s pretty clear that Lana will be involved with the film.

She is the perfect match for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s greatest masterpiece!

Now if she could just get a quick cameo in the film… my life would be complete.

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