Justin Timberlake’s Comeback Performance In New Orleans (Video)

Justin Timberlake performed his first show in almost five years Saturday night.

Timberlake performed his song “Suit & Tie” live for the first time at the DIRECTV Super Saturday Night during the 2013 Super Bowl Weekend in New Orleans.

“Getting ready for ‘Super Saturday Night’ with @DIRECTV,” Justin tweeted before the event.

The hour-long concert featured the ‘black and white’ dressed entertainer with a more than 10-piece band and guest appearances by Timbaland and Jay-Z.

Timberlake hadn’t released new music in years, preferring to concentrate on a blossoming acting career that included star turns in movies such as “Friends With Benefits” and the Oscar-nominated “The Social Network.”

Uneventful considering that Justin Timberlake‘s last Super Bowl performance included the infamous 2004 wardrobe malfunction featuring Janet Jackson.

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