James Franco Now Has Strawberry Blonde Hair (Photo)

James Franco showed up at the NASCAR Spring Cup Series Daytona 500 with strawberry blonde hair.

As grand marshal, the actor was tasked with giving the command to drivers to start their engines. Well, he got the engines part right; the other stuff? Not so much.

“Drivers… and Danica!!!… start your engines,” James said, referring to female race car driver Danica Patrick who participated in the race.

Strawberry blonde… really?

If that wasn’t bad enough, he had to answer some really stupid questions at the press conference:

Did you practice saying those words?
“Look: I’m not an idiot, why the hell would I practice saying words?”

How is the process of acting comparable to the process of racing?
“Look: [long pause] That’s really the best thing you could think of? I can’t believe I have to answer this.

Oddly enough, nobody asked him about the hair.

James seems so annoyed anymore… why even bother?

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