Evan Rachel Wood Furious Over Paparazzi Photos

Evan Rachel Wood is furious with the paparazzi that hid in some bushes.

Wood fired off a series of angry tweets to vent about paparazzi photos that show her clutching ultrasound scans of her unborn child.

“Which sick f#ck paparazzi hid in the parking lot of my hospital after my ultrasound. I cant stand this,” Woods wrote. “You took a picture of my ultrasound photo???!!!! I couldn’t be more furious right now. I want to cry. My child isn’t even born yet.”

Wood, who is married to actor Jaime Bell, asked The Daily Mail via Twitter to take down the images. The 25-year-old says the ultrasound scans are “private medical records” and calls the photographer’s actions an “invasion.”

They have since deleted the images.

Furious Wood is now planning to move out of Hollywood in a bid to prevent another invasion of privacy from happening to her child again.

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