Do ‘Top Chef’ Judges Play Favorites? QUESTION ANSWERED! #topchef

I know that Bravo and the professionals at ‘Top Chef’ do their best to play fair. But, I couldn’t help but wonder if personalities play into their decisions.

Sometimes we are all pulling for someone to win or walk out the ‘Top Chef’ doors after packing their knives. Ahem…John…Josie. They mingle in the bottom three and then we see what could be translated as favoritism. What we have to remember is we are the viewers and, as much I yell at the tv, Tom, Padma, Gail, Hugh, Emeril and Wolfgang can’t hear the protests.

So, I asked…do personalities have an impact on the ‘Top Chef’ judges? Do they play favorites? The question should have been Can the judges play favorites. Tom Colicchio broke it down and answered the question once and for all…

“We don’t care about the personalities. The judges have been accused of playing personalities, but we have no involvement with them. We eat the food. What is in front of us, that is it. “

One might think it may just rely on the honor system, but in fact, Bravo doesn’t allow the judges to mingle with the contestants…

We aren’t allowed to talk to them. All that behind-the-scenes stuff, we have no idea about what is happening.

So there you have it. They do a fantastic job of separating the judges from the contestants to eliminate the chances of favoritism.

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    I always wondered… I am still not convinced personality comes into play though. Sometimes the chefs get snippy during Judges Table!