Dina Lohan: ‘Most Misunderstood Mother in America’ (Video)

Dina Lohan is still clinging on to her daughter’s never-ending 15 minutes of fame!

The not so stable mother of four opened up to Mario Lopez addressing the recent rumors regarding her family and even revealed her hopes to join a certain dance competition show…

During the interview Dina revealed her usual thoughts on why Lindsay seems to always be in trouble, but more importantly she spewed a bunch of delusional bullsh*t!

When asked about Lindsay’s inability to stay out of trouble Dina explained, “I have been trying to get her out of [L.A.] for five years… she’s safer at home.”

No, no she’s not Dina. She’s just going to end up partying and drinking with you!

Dina then started hockng her upcoming book “A Parent Trapped” which she says details all the Lohan family drama.

“I’m probably the most misunderstood mother in America,” says Dina in explaining why she’s writing the book. “If I can save a life or change a life… I want this to be a helpful book”

Hmmm more like most DELUSIONAL mother in America, but okay.

Anyways, Dina then hit a new low when she revealed that she was vying for a spot on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Can you imagine druggie Dina twirling around and acting a fool on live television? Now that would be entertainment!

Check out Dina’s hot mess interview below…

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Well at least she was slightly more coherent than she was during that Dr. Phil interview.

Move over Octomom, I think we’ve found our mother of the year!

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