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I adore food. The endless concoctions of mixing flavors is appealing. I rarely watch sitcoms and talk shows in favor of food centered programming. That is why I adore ‘Top Chef’ so much. They have managed to hold true to the premise of culinary delights while mixing in the delicious drama of rivalries, challenging scenarios and even some explosive moments.

Most Delicious ‘Top Chef’ Rivalries

Brian and Michael Voltaggio – This was more than just a little sibling rivalry. They were out to dominate each other at every challenge. It was almost like losing to anyone else wasn’t a big deal, but losing to their brother was enraging. In life they each have a respect for each other and a mutual love, but their rivalry kept me coming back for more.

Heather Terhune and Beverly Kim – Padma dubbed Heather the “Queen of Mean” and she lived up to it during her season. It felt like Beverly was weeded out as the weak gazelle for the lions to use as a scapegoat. (Perhaps too many animals in that analogy?) The shrimp fiasco was the boiling point, but Beverly ended up surviving the competition longer than Heather.

Cliff Crooks and Marcel Vigneron – Marcel seemed to rub everyone the wrong way. He and Cliff had it out several times along with Betty and Ilan. It culminated in a near head shaving that left Marcel ready to draw blood.

Jose and Everyone on Season 10 – I don’t know what it was about Josie that made her the black sheep. She was constantly putting a smile on and her laughter annoyed the rest of the chefs. Perhaps her slower than molasses style that cost Kristen her position in the running was the final straw. Aside from alluding to the fact that she thought Michah was “hiding in a closet” and getting on everyone’s nerves I began to wonder if she won a single challenge…?

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  • http://Website TC 10 Fan

    What about John and..well..everyone on season 10. Or Josie!?

  • http://Website Call Me Maybe

    YES! WHat about Josie? I guess it wasn’t a rivalry though. She just annoyed everyone.