Coca-Coca’s Coke Chase – Meet the Teams and Vote!

We’re over the hump and well down the stretch towards the Big Game.

The Super Bowl isn’t just about football. In fact, some viewers will tune in on Sunday exclusively for the ads. Like, me.

The rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers won’t be the only match-up this Sunday.

There’s a band of Cowboys, a gang of “Badlanders” and a pack of Vegas-style Showgirls competing for an elusive bottle of Coke.

Let’s meet the competition!


NAMES: Miss Latrobe is Lead Showgirl, Lucille navigates the bus and Ethel picks the music.
ORIGIN: Reno, Nevada
IN DESERT SINCE: They left Reno to drive all night to get to the next night’s show in New Mexico. Somehow they took a wrong turn.
THEIR MOTTO: The show must go on!
SKILLS: Beauty, glamour, high kicks and absolute synchronization
WEAKNESS: Their bus is glamorous but not necessarily suited for rough desert travel.
HASHTAG: #CokeShowgirls


NAMES: Ringleader Lushwill is in charge of the outfit, Saint John and Virgil are his partners, and Josiah, Amos and Clara are along for the ride.
OCCUPATION: Cattle runners, suspected outlaws
ORIGIN: Cody, Wyoming. Though they picked Clara up after her wagon turned over in the Rio Grande.
IN DESERT SINCE: They started driving cattle through the Western Territories.
THEIR MOTTO: Vigilance. Honor. Horses.
SKILLS: Horse riding, lassoing, cattle roping, rugged stare downs and silence.
WEAKNESS: The Cowboys follow the cowboy code, no matter what.
HASHTAG: #CokeCowboys


NAMES: Altus is the boss, Hennie is the strongest, and then there’s Big Boy, Baseball, Macaw and Lizard.
OCCUPATION: Scavengers
ORIGIN: “The Wide Sand” in what was formerly known as the Kalahari in Namibia
IN DESERT SINCE: “The Big Event”
THEIR MOTTO: Mottoes are for losers.
SKILLS: Resourcefulness from surviving so long in the desert. They know no laws, so they don’t play by any rules.
WEAKNESS: The Badlanders know of nothing from before their time, so they don’t know what to expect out of their rivals.
HASHTAG: #CokeBadlanders

Who Gets the Coke?

The winner is entirely up to YOU!

Log on to CokeChase.com (through February 3rd) and vote for your favorite group.

Once you’ve cast a vote, you can extend the fun by committing an act of “sabotage” against an opposing group.

While you watch the game, Coca-Cola’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter platforms will play a major role in delivering real-time updates. Additional Coke Chase and character content will appear on Tumblr and Instagram.

Share the fun with your social networks by casting a vote for your favorite group on Twitter by using hashtags supporting the #CokeShowgirls, #CokeCowboys or #CokeBadlanders.

Fans who cast a vote on game-day by tweeting @CocaCola with their favorite faction’s hashtag will receive responses from the team, including a link to the sabotage page on CokeChase.com where they can continue the rally.

It’s YOUR activity that will determine how the storyline plays out.

As the final whistle blows and the winner of the Big Game is celebrated, Coca-Cola will reveal the winner of the Coke Chase based on fan participation via a 30-second commercial that completes the journey.

It’s a game within the game.

After the winning 30-second spot hits the airwaves, people who Like or Follow the Coke Chase will be rewarded with additional content, including the alternate 30-second endings so they can see how the desert-based chase could have concluded if another group had reached the bottles of Coke first.

Join Allie is Wired and VOTE & PLAY NOW!

Disclosure: Promotional consideration for this content was provided by The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions expressed in this content are my own and not those of The Coca-Cola Company.”

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  • http://Website Ashlee

    The guy with the camel

  • http://Tahoo Larry

    Showgirls should win

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    why cant i vote for the camel guy

  • http://www.cokechase.com Becky Davis

    I think the showgirls should win!

  • Blaiz

    The guy with the camel is going to get the coke

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  • Tricia

    The showgirls will definitely win…for sure because girls are AWESOME!!!!!!

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  • http://msn the guy with the motercicle should win

    the guy with the motercicle should win

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    guy on camel should win

  • me

    The showgirls will win… CANNONS duh

  • Brady

    Camel guy because it isn’t fair

  • http://cokechase corey

    The guy with the camel

  • hockey biestkyle101

    Camle guy should definitely win because boys rule and camles are desert animals.PS show girls bus might run out of gas/breakdown.

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    That’s a mad race , The Camelguy Should win because they’re in the desert

  • Debbie

    The Coke Badlanders

  • http://allieisweird me


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    showgirls all the way