Church Of Scientology’s Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

For the inquisitive seeker.

The Church of Scientology, which has repeatedly been accused of being a cult, ran an ad in the Super Bowl last night.

But they didn’t pay 8 million dollars.

Scientology bought local TV advertising in several major — such as New York and Los Angeles — during breaks saved for regional advertisers and local channel advertising.

Thus many people in major metro areas believed they had seen a Super Bowl ad for Scientology when in fact they only saw a much cheaper piece of local TV advertising.

The spot, which is part of the organization’s “knowledge” campaign, aired not long after the game went to halftime.

The Church Of Scientology had been planning the stunt for months. How crafty of them.

By amazing coincidence, the trailer for Tom Cruise‘s new movie Oblivion aired as well. Tom is the most famous Scientologist of them all.

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