Behind the Scenes of the ‘Top Chef’ Finale – VIDEO #topchef

As we saw in the preview, the season finale of ‘Top Chef’ happens in front of a live audience. While your everyday cooks, like myself, would be terrified and peeing in the corner like skittish puppy, Kristen and Brooke get to work with some back up.

The audience is packed with culinary A-listers and the heavy hitters of past seasons. Of course, the judges are front and center to catch every moment of their execution of 5 dishes. They will serve the 160+ crowd and do it while being scrutinized by their fellow chefs.

Behind the scenes, Past Winners congregate in a stew room and it is a circle of talent that is intimidating. For life long fans of the show, like myself, it is a room I’d do just about anything to sit in!

Michael Voltaggio mingles with Stephanie Izard. Some of the eliminated chefs from the current season also join the stew of chefs and Stefan points out how awkward it could be…”We all know each other, but we don’t know each other.” Richard talks about how fantastic it is to be a part of it all and knows the demands ahead of Kristen and Brooke. Michael hopes for something more like Medieval Times and crosses his fingers for a fight to break out mid-cooking.

Ilan is relaxed and having a drink as they wait for their que to enter the arena. Richard is excited and feels almost nervous, like he is going out to do battle in the kitchen. Michael is high on energy. Ilan continues to sip at his cocktail serenely. It’s comical to watch…and that is just what’s going on backstage!

Tune in Wednesday Feb.27th to watch the finale of ‘Top Chef’ Seattle!

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