Adam Levine Releasing Douche Scented Fragrance

The Voice” judge and all around a**hole, Adam Levine has decided to release a fragrance for men and women.

It’s really for anyone who has ever dreamt of smelling like a totally douche.

Apparently Adam really believes in his new odor even though he hates when celebrities release fragrances… um hypocrite much?

“I didn’t want it to be another bulls**t celebrity fragrance that I was hocking, that I didn’t believe in,” Levine revealed during an interview.

“On paper, I’m not a fan of the [genre], but I got excited having conversations with ID Perfumes.”

The fragrance is set to be released this month at Macy’s in America and will expand its distribution to the world later this year.

“I wanted to do something understated and elegant… something that people I revere in that world, like Tom Ford, would do, and something I’d be attracted to,” added Levine.

The Maroon 5 frontman’s cologne and perfume bottles are shaped like square microphones… you know because that’s so understated and elegant.

Anyways, if you’re wanting to smell like a pretentious, self-entitled douche make sure to check out Adam Levine: The Fragrance at your local Macy’s.

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