10 of the Best ‘Top Chef: Seattle’ Quotes #topchef

Every season of Top Chef has brought us a litany of notions, anecdotes and quotes that will forever be etched in our minds. They are also on some Top Chef gear you can by from Bravo!

10. “All you can really do is hope for the best – unless you’re Superman and can see through foil.” – Micah Fields

9. “Is she high?” – Gail Simmons

8. “Yay! Finally some liquor!” – Stefan Richter

7. “It’s like you’re a zebra, you’re wounded, and you’re walking around Africa…This is nauseating. It’s like vomiting. It’s like giving birth.” – Stefan Richter

6. “I am a chef, but I am also a woman. When I’m cooking, I like to look good. I want to be a James Beard winner and I want to have a nice ass.” – Carla Pellegrino

5. “Everyone thinks Europeans are gay, but we just like flowers. So what?” Stefan Richter

4. “I wouldn’t even flush my poop with it, that’s how bad it is.” – Stefan Richter

3. “I like breasts a lot. You can hold onto thighs much better, but I like both. Depending on the size…of the chicken.” – Stefan Richter

2. “I feel almost embarrassed that the L.A. chefs rolled out here with just breasts.” Wolfgang Puck replies “It’s L.A.! There’s plastic surgery everywhere!”

1. “Geoduck is great! Except it looks like a penis. A really big one.” – Kristen Kish

Tune in Wednesday Feb.27th to watch the finale of ‘Top Chef’ Seattle at 10/9 c!

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    I MUST have that t-shirt! SO funny! Stefan seemed to have a lot of zingers.

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    “I wouldn’t even flush my poop with it, that’s how bad it is.” I need that on a coffee mug!