Wired Movie Review: Looper

What if you could go back in time, meet your yourself inside this loop and have the power to change destiny?

Tristar and Alliance 2012 release, Looper, is an American sci-fi written and directed by Rian Johnson. As with most films directed by the writer a singular vision translates well from page to screen, but in Looper this was necessary.

The film is complicated and intriguing. One thing is certain, Looper is not boring. Bruce Willis and Third Rock’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt star as Joseph Simmons, a hired gun that travels back in time. Betraying his friend, Simmons is tormented by the job, but complications double when he encounters his older self, whom he must eliminate in order to free himself from the mafia.

The script is very well written. The conversations fill the holes, but hold substance. Action man Willis is quite eloquent in his delivery, emotionally reminiscent of his best in 12 Monkeys. Gordon-Levitt smoothly adapts Willis characteristics, yet at the same time retains a boisterous distinguished and driven character. Emily Blunt, never disappoints, cast as Sara, mother of Cid, the child who becomes Rainmaker, mafia leader closing all the loops.

One loop, when closed, is the key point of this elaborate story becoming clear in the final scenes. A mysterious game play of paradoxes, destiny and broken hearts, Looper is remarkable.

On a scale of 1-10 it’s wired at 9.

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