Wired Exclusive: ‘Not Another Celebrity Movie’ Red Carpet Premiere (Photos)

Last night Allie Is Wired attended the premiere screening of “Not Another Celebrity Movie” in Hollywood, California!

The Emilio Ferrari directed comedy premiered at the Silver Screen Theater and we were there to catch all the action!

The film follows a group of ‘A’ list celebrities including Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Donald Trump, Angelina Jolie, Robert DeNiro and Charlie Sheen who plan a heist to kidnap Justin Bieber from a Las Vegas casino.

Of course the roles are played by celebrity impersonators, but that’s the funny part!

At the premiere, it was really interesting meeting the film’s stars on the red carpet. Some of them really did look like the A list stars they portrayed in the movie!

Oh and you’ll never guess who I met, I’ll give you a hint: she’s rich, she’s powerful, she pretty much rules the world… OPRAH!

Okay it was just her impersonator Carol Woodle, but still it’s one step closer.

Check out the trailer below…

In the end, the night was a success! After watching the film in the packed theater everyone partied outside in the lounge.

There was food, drinks and lots of fake celebrities… who I’m guessing have more of a personality than the real ones.

If you’re a fan of spoof films like “Scary Movie” or “Not Another Teen Movie” you’ll definitely enjoy this comedy. It’s fun, campy and at times totally inappropriate, but who doesn’t love that?

The film will be released sometime early this year. For more info on the movie check out the Not Another Celebrity Movie IMDb!

Check out all the fun below…

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Images: Allie Is Wired

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