Will.I.Am Producing Britney Spears’ 8th Album ?!

This one is still in the “rumor” stages, but according to the whispers, Will.I.Am will be the executive producers on Britney Spears‘ new album.

In early December, we got word that Spears is well underway on her 8th album. Elijah Blake, who is helping her along the way, told That Grape Juice that fans would be getting something fresh and stay from her typical pop heavy beats.

“I think her fans will be surprised by it. I would say it’s definitely the ‘unexpected’ Britney in so many ways.”

Brit and Will.I.Am recently pumped out “Scream and Shout” for ravenous fans, but the idea of The Black Eyed Peas member running the show isn’t sitting well with devoted supporters. Most are rolling their eyes at the thought, but as BreathHeavy.com pointed out, “Britney was executive producer once. Then “Blackout” happened.”

Most are pulling for Danja to get involved. All Spears would say is that she is “working with some inspiring new producers.”

What do you think about this possibility?

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