‘Top Chef’ Seattle Recap – Episode 11 #topchef

Last week on Top Chef, it was part 1 of restaurant wars. Yup, they mixed up the most anticipated challenge and cut it into 2 segments. In part 1 chefs created their own, individual concepts and presented them in 1 dish. Kristen won that mess and Micah cleaned out the closet Josie thinks he was hiding in and exited with dignity. Click HERE for the full recap of episode 10.

While everyone is smoking on the balcony, Stefan already feels the pressure as he Sheldon and Josh are one man down in a boys versus girls restaurant war. They try to formulate a game plan and put Stefan in front of house. The girls worry as Kristen hasn’t been in charge of a collective team before.

The chefs quickly discover they will have to put together the kitchen themselves in the empty courtyard they are standing in. Kristen is already seconding guessing her decision to put Josie on her team. She sends her to pick decor with Brooke who is a classier bitch and has a bit of hesitation in telling her burnt orange napkins are fug.

Sheldon is grocery shopping with Josh while Stefan goes shopping for flowers and coordinating decorative pebbles. It’s sweet as he shrugs off stereotypes that come with floral shopping. He nixes Sheldon’s desire for a more humble looking “farmer’s table” and gets what he wants. I kinda feel bad for Sheldon, but he rolls over and lets him pick a more upscale look.

Josie seems a bit lost as she wanders around claiming she is going to roast some bones for a base for a soup. She meanders around until there is no time left despite Kristen’s constant reminder to get moving. You’d think she’d be a little more conscious of time being that it has kicked her ass in every challenge, but she continues moving at a glacial pace. You can see how much this thrills Kristen who keeps her mouth shut, but looks like a piece of straw will flip the bitch switch any second.

bravo, top chef

Back at the digs, Josie smokes a cigarette with Stefan and Josh as she reveals Kristen wants to cook everything to order. She laughs smugly as she knows she is painfully slow. The boys also smile smugly knowing that Josie will be the death of Kristen’s vision.

They start whipping up the 100 guest feast. Everyone has their marching orders and Josie is in charge of the second dish that will follow Lizzie’s creation. Brooke will follow with a dish and take charge of the house. She checks in with Josie who is falling behind already. Her delay forces Kristen to alter recipe in favor of time.

Stefan wisely provides copious amounts booze to waiting patrons. Brooke greets the judges who stop by the girls’ restaurant first. This may not play well with Josie’s delay. Lizzie rocks out and communicates well with Kristen despite her confusion with calling out orders. The judges, armed with Emeril, give the rabbit course a thumbs up. Josie’s dish is slowly dying as the foam creator is whimpering. Kristen is ready to smack her. Emeril picks that the fish is overcooked while scallop is raw and there is an absence of broth. Judges table is going to be fun.

A brief peek at the boys shows Stefan trying to deal with a line out the door. Back at the ladies house, Kristen manages to screw up the tickets. The dish that she was responsible for lacks a red wine sauce. Brooke’s follow up compilation gets mixed reviews. The dessert seems to miss the macaroon element that Gail is so fond of. The total package gets an “ok.”

Stefan is becoming desperate to get people out the door. People are lounging around asking for more to drink. He is practically kicking people out of their seats as the judges arrive. One woman is still pecking at her food and excited for dessert, but Stefan is practically dragging her out by her bouffant.

The judges arrive at the boys’ restaurant. They take note of the line as Stefan brings out his appetizer. The collective ruling is positive. A foamy egg concoction brought to life by Josh is undersold by Stefan, but saved by the taste. A waitress screws up table numbers and causes some stress for Sheldon. A dish is served without an introduction by Stefan. The judges inquire about it and he coldly explains what it is and walks away. They also take note of this and feel “scolded.”

It’s a good thing Sheldon’s dishes are fantastic. Stefan is murdering the presentation and doesn’t schmooze the most important table…at all. This doesn’t sit well with them. The terrible service is holding them back as the judges note the food was good, but Stefan ruined chances for a return visit if it actually existed. Padma flat out states that Stefan should go home for the lack of hospitality and Josie should go home for the soup.

Everyone is up in front of the judges. The judges take on the girls first. Kristen claims ownership with with the beef dish and dessert. Gail and company pick at her need for a sauce to compliment the meat and a better element with the dessert. Lizzie get a pat on the back. Josie immediately throws Kristen under the bus for the lack of sauce saying she wanted it plated it that way. She then states she would have done the dish with the original concept in mind. (Reminder – Kristen was forced to alter the dish due to Josie’s delays.)

They move on to the guys and immediately go for Stefan who is surprised his cold demeanor was a problem. Sheldon is ready to mentally kick him in the balls as Tom point blank asks Stefan if he thought being absent for dish explanations is poor service. He respond with a honest, “Yes, that is poor service.” For a moment I think he is taking ownership of the failure, but he then adds, “But I am a chef. Not a server.” Tom rolls on and praises Sheldon’s flavors and dishes. Josh also gets a pat on the back for his egg dish.

The judges give the boys the win and Sheldon gets the new car. Padma notes, “Stefan, you are very lucky.”

Lizzie and Brooke are getting a safety pass. Tom revisits the topic of Josie’s sauce. Kristen finally goes into the tale of Josie’s time breakdown. The original intention becomes a little more clear for the judges who see through Josie’s BS claim she “didn’t know where anything was.” Kristen rocks back and forth on her feet while chanting to herself to “bite her tongue.” Josie tries to talk her way around an elimination as she tears up and reminds the judges that Kristen was responsible for plating.

Kristen tries to take the high road by taking responsibility for everything. UGH. Back in the stew room. Josie starts running her mouth and throwing a pity part. No one seems to acknowledge her. Padma seems to want Kristen to go home while Gail is fighting to send Josie home. I love you Padma, but on this one, you are as dumb as you are gorgeous.

In the end, Tom seems to be the deciding vote…


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Mary | January 16th, 2013

I could cry. I think Kristen is/was a class act all thru this. Josie is a vicious, obnoxious witch! She planned to destroy Kristen from the start and she did it. She should have gone home from the start; she is a LOUSY cook and a WORSE person.

Dan Holgate | January 17th, 2013

I have deleted my series manager entry for top chef seattle and will never watch any top chef show again!

The judges do not lead and execute proper judgements! I the past they watch all contestants and in the end look at the big picture of how each chef did their work, the. In the end know who should be sent home!

Josie should had bee sent home because she was not fault, in the past shows when the head chef blamed other chefs and did not take the responsibility they we sent home but christy to the responsibility and the the judges knew from the whole past of the show Josie was slow which caused the bulky abase to not get the jeliton in it because she was running slow then Josie knew it was her fault but blamed christy you did not send her home! If the judges would had enquired furthe to fully understand who was to blame it would had been Josie that should had been sent home!

Bad leadership and arrogance is what these self serving chef judges are that use double talk and double standards as the exibated on the show aired on 01/16/2013!


Sous Chef_C | January 17th, 2013