‘Top Chef’ Seattle Recap – Episode 10 #topchef

Last week on Top Chef, the chefs had to re-create a ‘Top Chef’ moment from previous seasons. The pea puree, Top Scallop and Carla’s chicken pot pie all returned. Kristen continued being a culinary dominatrix and won…again. John practically cried like a little girl with a skinned knee while he gave every excuse ranging from the pans being “too concave” and some nonsense about pickles after being eliminated. Click HERE for the full recap on last week’s episode…

The chefs are challenged with a ginger themed Quickfire. I would opt to throw a picture of Prince William on the plate and present Prince Hot Ginge on a platter to Wolfgang, but the chefs take different tactics. Brooke gets top honors while Sheldon get a big ol’ BOOO! from Puck.

It’s Restaurant Wars! They are mixing it up a bit this year. It will be a 2 part war. First chefs must each create a concept and wow the judges with 1 dish encompassing their idea. There will be 1 loser and 2 winners who will each start their restaurant with the help of the remaining contestants.

Josie is lagging behind again. Just like at the berry farm…and the roller derby. Her “homey” food concept is good, but the pork is like leather.

Brooke presents a un-kosher Jewish inspired concept with a soup that is full of duck goodness. It gets a mixed review, but fairs well.

Stefan’s German creation is a lobster bisque and a Bavarian lollipop that Padma recalls him serving in the finale of season 5. The bisque is good, but the lollipop fails.

Micah wants to do a “raw” concept. I immediately think of Samantha Jones and Smith’s meeting a la ‘Sex and the City.” Lets just say the idea didn’t fly in that episode and Micah doesn’t have 6 feet of gorgeous serving up his uncooked sliced fish. He is in trouble.

Lizzie’s concept comes from a part of Italy that isn’t your typical rustic dishes. It’s heavy and no one is really pleased.

Josh’s BBQ meets bistro is well received along with Kristen’s upscale modern take on French cuisine and Sheldon’s soup with is inspired by his grandfather. Josh is left in third as the other two take the top prize of $10,000 and their concepts will be launched in part 2 of the new Restaurant Wars.

bravo, top chef

Sheldon and Kristen must pick their teams in the stew room BEFORE the elimination. Kristen takes Brooke, Lizzie and Joise while Sheldon nabs Josh, Stefan and Micah.

Lizzie, Micah and Josie are in the bottom again. Micah is sent packing and Sheldon will do battle short handed against Kristen, but with Josie on her team…it’s an even race.

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MoHub | January 10th, 2013

Prince Harry, not William. William’s the blond; Harry’s the ginger.