Teen Mom Waxes 3 Year Old Daughter’s Unibrow

Oh this is going to be fun. Nothing like touching on the subjective nature of parenting to end my day.

Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, decided her daughter (Sophia) didn’t look enough like her or a Disney Character created by an “Imagineer” setting impossibly high standards. So, she took some hot wax to her daughter’s eyebrow to rid her of unibrow. Who said getting knocked up while you still have a bed time wasn’t a good idea!?

The young mother detailed the account in a blog post and made it sound like an accidental plucking that she tried to make into a “cool science project.” The child “freaked out” and Farrah was forced to abandon her attempt. After she failed at the waxing, she continued her facial hair onslaught and “pluck, pluck, plucked” while the 3 year old tot slept.

I called up my kids’ pediatrician and asked about waxing/plucking and I got a stern NO. The skin and tissue around the eye is already incredibly sensitive for adults, let alone children. This could cause serious long term damage to the child’s eye and skin. So, Abraham might want to stop unless she is will to dip into her New, New Boob fund to pay for her daughter’s wonky eye.

Now, I may be an old fart, but back in my day when you did stupid shiz to your kid you didn’t detail your dumbassery on the net. I weep for the future of humanity.

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