Taylor Swift Trying To Get Back With Harry Styles?

It looks like Taylor Swift is trying to put back together the shattered pieces of her relationship with Harry Styles!

Swift has flown her private jet over to London in a last ditch effort to reunite with the One Direction band member.

The 23-year-old has no business in London at the moment and Harry just so happens to be in town… I smell a reunion!

“There’s talk of a meeting with Harry being on the cards,” the source reveals. “She has no obvious reason or promo duties in London this week.”

“Harry has just got back from a small tour in Japan with the band, and now has four days off.”

It’s been three weeks since the couple split, but will Taylor be able to lure Harry back in?

Rumor has it that Harry dumped Taylor because she never put out and was a total bore. Maybe Taylor is embracing her frisky side and wants another go with the British teen.

Only time will tell, but I’m sure all you One Direction fans keep an eye on those two.

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