Taylor Swift Says Harry Styles Kisses Like A Snail

She knows… she’s kissed one before.

Harry Styles allegedly broke things off with Taylor Swift because he’s Sir Humps-A-Lot and she’s a prude.

According to a friend, Taylor said that Harry “kissed like a snail” and that she “eventually found it hard not to be grossed out.”

He slobbered her with digestive ooze?

The Directioners that spend hour after hour imagining what it would be like to lock lips with Harry Styles, wonder no more.

Taylor, I find this hard to believe.

If you want people to stop making fun of you, you need to stop saying stuff like this.

According to the Sun, Haylor is back on — or at least 89 percent reconciled.

A source revealed that “Taylor realized she was being a bit full on. She is now more relaxed about their relationship. She intends to enjoy it more rather than worry about where it could eventually lead.”

Both Swift and Styles are booked to appear at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, where they will both be staying at the same hotel.

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  • http://Website Mike Mack

    This Taylor Swift Chick Needs To Grow Up. She Writes Songs Above Every Guy She’s With. If She Can Only Be Creative By Using Her Broken Relationships Then She Will Soon Be Out Of Inspiration. Any Man/Boy Who Even Thinks About Dating Her Should Be Punched. She’s Poison.