Sofia Vergara Involved In NYE Club Brawl!

There’s nothing like starting off the New Year with a club fight and a major wardrobe malfunction.

No one knows this better than Sofia Vergara who was involved in a large club fight in the early hours of 2013.

Vergara and her fiancé Nick Loeb decided to ring in the New Year at Miami nightclub Story, which is owned by Vergara’s ex Chris Paciello.

Obviously this was a bad idea from the get go.

“Nick seemed tense around Chris, who was hosting them in the VIP section, even though he and Sofia are just friends,” the insider reveals. “In the early hours, Nick and Sofia were arguing before he got into a dispute with somebody at a neighboring table. Some pushing and shoving started.”

“Sofia stepped in to try to calm the situation, but somehow she ended up getting pushed and shoved also. Her strapless dress was torn… exposing her cleavage in front of other people and her son Manolo, who was so offended … [he] left the club. It was crazy.”

Reportedly, security guards had to drag Nick out of the VIP and threw him out of the club!

Sofia must have been so embarrassed! But despite everything and the torn dress, Sofia stuck by her guy and they went back to their hotel together.

I’m with the son on this one, I would have just walked away.

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