Selena Gomez Drunk At Golden Globes After Party (Video)

Well look who’s jumping on the Booze Wagon… it’s former Disney Channel star Selena Gomez!

On Sunday night Selena attended the InStyle Golden Globes After-party and from the looks of it she might have started the party early.

Before entering the after-party, the “Spring Breakers” actress walked stumbled down the red carpet with BFF’s Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens.

The 20-year-old posed and looked stunning as usual, but the hot mess didn’t actually start until she started doing interviews.

The star wobbled and slurred her words while she drunken praised her apparent girl crush Jennifer Lawrence.

“For me, as an actress fan, like seeing Jennifer Lawrence after all she’s been through, even being part of an incredible fan… franchise… seeing her accept the speech was incredible,” Selena tries to explain. “It was a good moment for me. I don’t even know her but I think she’s so cool and I think she deserved it.”

Oh SLURena, you mess.

Watch her try to keep it together below…

You know, I think I like her more now that I’ve seen her a little sauced.

I’d take Slurena Gomez over pothead Justin Bieber any day.

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