Selena Gomez Confronts Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend – PHOTOS

If 98 pounds of a stoned Hilary Swank circa ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ lookin’ motherfella is your cup of tea, then here is some Justin Bieber news!

Selena Gomez threw down her napkin and sashayed away from the toddler table after she and The Bieber broke up. Victoria Secret model, Barbara Palvin was rumored to be behind the break up. Justin took Palvin to Chuck E Cheese to see ‘The Lion King’ (the jokes write themselves sometimes) after meeting her Victoria’s Secret fashion show in New York City. Selena didn’t like it so they broke up, got back together and then broke up for goods so Gomez could “avoid drama.”

The two collided at a Golden Globes party and a pic just happened to be snapped as Selena, armed with a drank, appeared to be having a confab with the Palvin. I bet it wasn’t a chat about rainbows and butterfly farts as the model had posted a Ustream video in December of 2011 professing, “I don’t like Selena Gomez, by the way.”

After they became aware of the looming photographer, they struck a friendly pose and continued to enjoy the party separately.

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  • http://google.com marissa

    ohhhhhhhh brrrrr……

  • kaitlyn

    I louv justin bieber but him and selena where perfect and Barbra is pretty but not for him I hate her for what she has done !! I luv jealena !! Get back together !!!! Luv u jb and sg

  • http://allieiswierd nicole moss

    Who dumped who who ever did they shouldn’t of jb and sg were perfect but his new girlfriend is a big bich by the way I love wizards of warvley place xx

  • meagan pricess girl:)

    OMG about justin bieber he is so fine boy i wish going out with him… and he is so pretty boy… good bye guy i love my fans xoxoxoxoxox

  • http://www.justinbieber. Sarah jones

    l love Justin bieber be my girlfriend now

  • http://Hotmail Yulisa

    Jb and sg shouldn’t never break up they were great together and I thought they should get married

  • http://mali mali

    i think that justin and selena are very bed and i hate justin is a very bed and selena had bank up

  • http://allieisweird.com carla

    wow this is stupid selena really ptried to have sex wit him but justin said no he 18 why would he be ready to lose his virginity selena not even a virgin. she probaly just wants him for his penis anyways

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    penis, lol

  • http://www.coments@google.com stephanie Akike

    Justin is a Singer, so why not have both of them. I mean, there are billions of girls out there who would want to be Justin’s girlfriend.

  • aaliyah

    this is shit I hate jb for life now player