Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 14 “She’s Better Now” Live Recap 01/08/13

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 14 “She’s Better Now” Live Recap 01/08/13Tonight on The ABC Family Pretty Little Liars returns with a new episode called “She’s Better Now.” If you have never watched the show before Pretty Little Liars follows four estranged best friends who are reunited one year after their best friend and queen bee of the group, Alison, goes missing – only to discover they’re receiving messages from an anonymous “A” who knows all their secrets.

Last time we saw our ladies in October Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer were looking forward to some good old Halloween fun now that the traumatic events with Nate were behind them. But once aboard the Rosewood Ghost Train, the girls were in for much more than just some childish trick or treats. With “A” running amuck and unexpected party-goers popping up at every turn, this Halloween event became one killer party.

On tonight’s episode Radley Sanitarium has given Mona a clean bill of health and she is headed back to the halls of Rosewood High, much to the Liars’ dismay. With their former tormentor now back in their everyday life, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer take very different views of the “new” Mona. She made their lives a living hell… Is she really cured? And what other secrets could she be holding onto? It’s up to Mona to prove to the Liars if she has changed or not.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Family ‘s Pretty Little Liars at 8:00 PM EST!


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