Lindsay Lohan To Be On ‘Dancing With the Stars’ ?!

Lindsay Lohan was offered a deal to be on ‘Dancing with the Hasbeens Stars.’ It’s a job in which she doesn’t have to take her top off, so bitch said “NO” as she tossed her extension laden hair and muttered something about reality tv being beneath her.

According to sources, Lindsay was offered a $550,000 deal to do her Ho Stroll on tv. She refuses to do anything on tv unless it is desecrating the name of Elizabeth Taylor. ‘DWTS‘ reps refuse to comment on any casting rumors, but LiLo’s family is facepalming as the “actress” owes hundreds of thousands in back taxes.

Gurl needs a paying job. Her latest work, ‘The Canyons,’ is being rejected by every buyer out there. The Sundance Film Festival was one of the first to laugh until they peed before passing on the film and continuing their giggles at the water cooler. Zooey Deschanel even hopped on Twitter to poke fun at the trailer that had everyone else throwing shade.

She just might end up crawling back to take the job if things continue to spiral out of financial control. It beats begging Hugh Hefner for one more round while vowing to grow a third boob to keep it interesting enough.

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