Lindsay Lohan Getting Serious With Max George

Does Lindsay Lohan have a boyfriend? Apparently she and Max George from The Wanted are dating and things are getting a little serious.

Last time I checked she was stalking him at concerts and punching out fortune tellers, what happened?

Well reportedly, the two began unofficially seeing each other in November after Lindsay got into that huge fight with the fortune teller at an NYC club.

Nothing says romantic like two girls fighting it out in a club….

Anyways, since then Lindsay and Max have been casually dating and have been in constant contact.

But now it looks like things might be getting serious because this week Max took Lindsay to the U.K. to meet the parents!

According to reports, everything went smoothly and Lindsay had a great time. She spent the entire day with the George family and she didn’t even punch anyone!

So could it be true? Is Lindsay in a relationship?

Well sources say no, she and Max are just close friends for now. But if things go the way they have been going, then we might just see Lindsay dating someone again!

Let’s just hope Max can keep Lindsay out of trouble.

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