Lindsay Lohan Causes $50K In Damages In Hotel Room

So I’m guessing she didn’t get her deposit back…

Reportedly, Lindsay Lohan trashed a New York hotel room causing $50,000 worth of damage!

Sources say the “Liz & Dick” actress completely destroyed her room at the W hotel in NYC, leaving the hotel staff no choice but to totally renovate the space.

Lindsay had been staying at the swanky hotel for several weeks while in town. Allegedly she would throw parties and let her friends make a huge mess of the place.

“Her suite had so many cigarette burns, they had to change all the carpets,” says hotel source. “She did at least $50,000 worth of damage while partying. She is not allowed back at any W hotel in NYC, ever!”

I’m guessing there was enough dried vomit and liquor stains to scare away even the bravest hotel maid.

Luckily for all hotels in the NYC area, Lindsay is on the verge of serious jail time or “lockdown rehab” in California.

She may not come back to the big city any time soon.

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  • http://www.missbourgeois.com/ Sandra

    She needs a swift kick in the ass!