Justin Bieber Has A Doppelganger (Photos)

Brace yourself… there’s two of them!

Justin Bieber has a doppelganger by the name of Robin Verrecas and beliebers think he’s the pot smoker, not Justin.

Dead ringer, right?

Verrecas quickly denied the beliebers’ claims on Twitter.

“The guy on that weed picture ISN’T me!! I SWEAR! @justinbieber please tell them the truth,” Verrecas tweeted, “i’m a belieber! so if it was me…why would i do this to justin? THINK!!?? i don’t smoke.”

This isn’t Justin’s first doppelganger — remember Dani Shay?

Meanwhile, A former bodyguard for The Biebs sued the pop superstar Thursday seeking more than $420,000 in overtime and other wages and claims he was repeatedly struck by the singer during an October confrontation.

I wonder if Verrecas knows how to sing?

Robins Twitter
Robins Facebook

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