Joe Jonas Snubs & Mocks Fans!

The Jonas Brothers are so irrelevant, it’s not even funny and yet it seems like one of the Jo Bros is still acting like a total diva!

Reportedly, Joe Jonas totally snubbed and made fun of a group of fans over the weekend!

According to fan Andy Haertfeld, last Saturday Joe Jonas was standing with a group of friend outside Sauce restaurant in New York City and that’s where all the drama went down!

“As we were walking closer we saw that he was smoking a cigarette with Blanda [Eggenschwiler], and the minute he saw us walking closer he threw it down. After we approached him, he shook his head no,” says the 19-year-old Haertfeld.

“It was late, which we understood, but my friend asked for a picture anyway. That’s when Joe flipped out on us he said, ‘We do so much for you. We do everything and you want a picture? Get out of here.’”

Wow! What a D-bag! Keep reading, it gets worse…

“My friend was in tears. One of his friends, a tall girl with short brown hair, started making fun of us,” Andy said.

“She was going on and on about my friend saying, ‘Is he going to cry now?’ and Joe just laughed right in our faces.”

Then after being blown off and made fun of by Joe and his friends, brother Nick Jonas came out of the restaurant and completely ignored the fans while he darted towards the SUV.

“He didn’t even stop or look in our direction,” Andy said. “The entire thing completely broke my heart.”

Haertfeld says he’s been a huge Jonas Brothers fan since 2006, but after this he is starting to rethink his adoration.

Poor kid, but you know what they say, “Sometimes it can be hard to meet your heroes.”

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