Jennifer Aniston Is Boring, Justin Theroux Wants To Break Up

It looks like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s relationship might be on the rocks!

Apparently Jennifer is boring and Justin is looking to leave her for someone more interesting.

Over the holidays the couple went on vacation in Mexico, but what was supposed to be a relaxing and romantic getaway turned into a huge fight match between the two!

According to reports, Justin is over Jennifer and thinks she is boring. He also feels that she is too self-absorbed.

“After four days, Justin started getting restless,” says the source. “When Jen started harassing him about ignoring her, he said he wanted to cut the trip short. She flipped out and said if he really loved her, he wouldn’t be bored.”

Basically their relationship is holding on by a thread and if Jen doesn’t do something to bring the spark back it could mean the end.

I’m sure Jennifer Aniston is a sweet girl, but you have to admit she seems a little boring.

Maybe she just needs to find someone like her, instead of forcing Justin to conform to her life… right?

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