James Franco Posts Then Deletes Embarrassing Video (Watch Here)

James Franco is getting too old for this sh*t…

The “Spring Breakers” star thinks he’s hilarious and he likes to make videos of himself being “hilarious,” so he taped himself lip syncing Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend… hilarious.

In the video we see Franco sporting the Justin hairstyle, a sideways baseball cap and a hoodie while he rocks out to the Bieber tune in what looks like a hotel room.

You know this song is has to be on Franco’s “Top 25 Most Played” playlist because he seems to know every single word!

The actor was joined in the video by rumored love interest Ashley Benson who plays the role of the girlfriend. Could this be a case of life imitating art?

Anyways, Franco must have sobered up because after posting the video to his WhoSay account, he quickly deleted it.

But you know what they say… Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever!

Enjoy below…

One has to wonder how high James must have been when he filmed this ridiculous video.

I guess him and Justin have more in common then we thought.

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