Heath Ledger Remembered 5 Years Later

Five years ago Heath Ledger died, when he overdosed accidentally on prescription drugs in his apartment in Manhattan’s SoHo.

He left behind behind a daughter, Matilda, with his former girlfriend Michelle Williams.

Ledger was a handsome, talented star hailing from Australia. From The Patriot to The Joker in The Dark Knight, this was one versatile actor.

Dogtown director Catherine Hardwicke said: “You could feel his heart and his soul… I think he was one of those rare people who could convey that on film… He was able to make you feel what he was feeling.”

Lindsay Lohan, who was once romantically linked to Ledger, took to her Twitter page on Tuesday to remember his passing.

She tweeted, “Rip Hl (Heath Ledger) forever in mine and ‘Matty’s’ (Matilda’s) hearts… xx L.”

It’s irrefutable that Ledger will always be remembered.

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  • Juliette

    She’s disgusting. Using the death of someone and said person’s child for some publicity. No limits to how far down she will stoop. As if Michelle would let this crackhead near enough to her child that Lindsay could call her “Matty”. Pathetic.