Harry Styles Rejects ‘Desperate’ Taylor Swift

So it looks like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are never, ever, ever getting back together.

The One Direction star allegedly snubbed Swift when she flew out to London in an attempt to salvage her relationship with him.

Earlier this week Taylor flew her private jet over to London to try to win Harry back while he and his band had a few days off.

She had it all planned out, but apparently 18-year-old Harry wasn’t biting!

“Taylor was desperate to meet up with Harry in London, but he totally ignored her,” a close source reveals. “He told her he had too much going on, even though she purposely arranged to stay at a hotel that wasn’t too far away from his home.”

“Harry found Taylor a little too full-on and scary, and he was put off by how serious she was about him after such a short period of time. Then she had this crazy meltdown, accusing him of cheating, when he didn’t.”

“He really isn’t looking to settle down with the love of his life, but suspects that Taylor is.”

I’m pretty sure Taylor was ready to settle down and get married at age 5.

Anyways, both singers will be running into each other at the NRJ Music Awards in France this weekend so Taylor might have one more chance to dig her claws into Harry.

It is rumored that their break up after only two months of dating resulted from Taylor’s prudish ways and boring lifestyle.

Harry is 18, he just wants to mess around with girls and party all around the world.

Taylor needs to find someone who’s willing to sit in the living room with her to talk about antiques all night (until 7:30pm, Taylor’s bedtime).

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