Freddy E Dead, Suicide to Blame

The great big Youtube in the sky has one more personality. Freddy E has died in an apparent suicide.

The 22 year old carved out a niche on his social media channel JERKTV. The aspiring rapper, full name Frederick E. Buhl, sent out a slew of Tweets prior to his death describing his heartbroken state.

It’s… all… bad… y’all. *puts finger around trigger*

If there’s a God then He’s calling me back home. This barrel never felt so good next to my dome. It’s cold & I’d rather die than live alone.

It’s all bad y’all…

Buhl died on Saturday of what coroners are saying looks like a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. An autopsy will be performed on Monday to verify.

There is help out there. If you or someone you love needs that extra support, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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  • Aleeya Brown

    I just wanted to say tht freddy e. will always be in our hearts