Dina Lohan Domestic Abuse Photos Surface!

Lindsay Lohan is such a hot mess because as a child she witnessed her father abuse her mother, so says mother Dina Lohan.

Of course, Michael Lohan has vehemently denied ever abusing Dina, but now photos have surfaced showing a young Dina sporting a black eye!

In the vintage photos we see Dina with a black eye holding baby Lindsay in here arms.

There is also a photo of Dina showing off the injury to the camera possibly to document Michael’s abuse for future use in court.

During an interview, Dina told the New York Daily News that Michael had abuse her in front of Lindsay. She then claimed, “that’s why she’s so screwed up.”

Michael denies these claims and tells Entertainment Tonight, “[Dina] hit me with an ice tray, and I turned around and swung … I didn’t punch her. I didn’t do anything deliberately to attack her. I swung out of reflex … she’s twisting everything.”

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Usually at this point I would ask “Whose side are you on,” but it doesn’t really matter because they are both horrible parents.

You shouldn’t be on either of their sides.

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    Who wouldn’t want to punch this slag in the eye?