David Arquette Gives Adam Lambert A Lap Dance (Photo)

Who doesn’t like a good lap dance on their birthday? But what if I told you the one giving you that lap dance would be David Arquette?

Not so sure about it now, huh? Well anyways, one person did receive the dreaded Arquette striptease and it was birthday boy Adam Lambert!

Lambert was in West Hollywood over the weekend celebrating his 31st birthday with friends and fellow party goers.

The party took place at L.A. hotspot Bootsy Bellow and well, let’s just say things got a little crazy.

Being the club’s co-owner, Arquette did what any good host would do for someone’s birthday… perform a crazy striptease and lap dance!

David, 41, reportedly stripped down to his underwear and did his best stripper impression. Bleh.

Something tells me this isn’t David’s first (or last) lap dance.

Anyways happy birthday Adam, good luck getting that image out of your head!

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