Beyonce Working On Another Lady Gaga Collaboration?

Are Beyonce and Lady Gaga teaming up for another musical collaboration?

Rumors floating around the internet are suggesting that Beyonce’s rumored new single, Ratchet, might feature the Lady herself!

Beyonce recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram rocking a pair of hoop earrings with the word “Ratchet” attached to them.

It has been rumored that “Ratchet ” will be the title of her next single, but guess who has been working on a new song by the same name… Lady Gaga.

In fact, back in 2012 Gaga posted a photo of herself wearing similar “Ratchet” earrings (see above).

It was confirmed that a while ago last year that Gaga had worked with up-and-coming artist Azealia Banks on the “Ratchet” track, so what does this all mean?

There are three possibilities:

1. Gaga and Beyonce have separate songs that just so happen to have the same title. (boring, but likely)

2. Gaga has replaced Azealia Banks with Beyonce… but then why would it be Beyonce’s single? (unlikely)

3. Beyonce and Gaga AND Azealia Banks are all coming together for a massive, super awesome, mega hit track! (unlikely, but so amazing)

Do you think Lady Gaga and Beyonce should work together again? Will “Ratchet” be the continuation of “Telephone?”

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below…

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