Beyonce Cancels Destiny’s Child Idea For Super Bowl Performance

So I guess we aren’t getting that Destiny’s Child Super Bowl Half-time performance we’ve been hoping for after all…

Reports are saying the rumored Destiny’s Child reunion performance has been cancelled and Beyonce will be the only one performing at this year’s big game.

The common thought circulating around the internet was that Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams would join Beyonce on stage halfway through her performance.

They were rumored to sing some classic Destiny’s Child songs as well as their newly released single “Nuclear.”

Well apparently everyone thought Nuclear was going to take off, but instead it bombed. So now that the single has flopped the idea of a Destiny's Child reunion seems much less appealing.

“We all expected Destiny’s Child’s new single ‘Nuclear’ to take off, and that [they would] perform it at the Super Bowl. But it didn’t and so [Beyonce's team] is regrouping,” reveals a source. “Kelly and Michelle will not be a part of the show.”

It is being said that “conflicting schedules” is the reason for the change, but I think it’s pretty clear what’s really going on here.

Poor Michelle, back to obscurity for you.

As for you Kelly, you keep trying. I still have hope for you!

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  • JR

    LOL… Michelle is busy with Fela! She’s denied the reunion rumor the whole time. Also, I doubt they would have sang a nice, albeit slow jam at the superbowl unless they had a pumping remix or version of the song they kept secret. Either way, Michelle’s doing her thing. No need to be popular in order to be successful. As for kelly, I like her but trying too hard to be too sexy.