Vanessa Hudgens Loves Controversy (Photo)

Vanessa Hudgens thought it was a good idea to channel the recently deceased Ravi Shankar – father of Norah Jones.

The former Disney star posted the photos with the caption, “Ravi Shankar, intense, meditating.”

Hudgens is seen wearing full traditional Indian garb including a bindi on her forehead.

Just days after the internet went into an uproar over the website’s new user policy, Vanessa creates an official account to connect with her fans.

She has since deleted the images.

Welcome to Instagram, Vanessa!

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  • http://ewenchia.skyeyegroup.com Jeff Christy

    All of this and Tebow doesn’t even see the field? At least McElroy looks like the reincarnation of Chad Pennington, original rotator cuffs.