‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 3 Episode 8 – ‘Made to Suffer’

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When we last left the group…

*Carol returned to the group after being trapped in the jail and suffered from dehydration, but immediately started taking care of the baby. Said baby, Ass Kicker finally got a name thanks to Carl stepping up. He held her to the sky and dubbed Judith while wildebeest and zebras kneeled. Scratch that. That was ‘The Lion King.’

*Michonne was nearly eaten by walkers, but saved by Carl as Rick toyed with indecision. After they opted to bring her in, Rick grabbed her gunshot wound after she was skimpy with the details of how she found them. Rude, but effective. I love the way she is always observing and downloading quietly, but I wanted her to spill everything so we could get to a Daryl/Merle reunion already!

*Maggie and Glen were captured by Merle and his homemade super gimp knife/hand. He starts in with a 50 Shades of Grey moment with Glen before sicking a walker on him. Glen, who is duct taped to a chair, fights him and reminds us all that his awesomeness is lurking beneath the surface. After taking out the walker by breaking free of the chair, the Governor questions Maggie. He uses a different tactic…In a show were a decapitated rotting corpse is a routine scene, this particular moment is intense and gets under your skin. He starts in with a “good cop” persona, but quickly demands that Maggie undress. As she stands topless, he circles in, smelling her and making our skin crawl. Finally, he slams her against the table and doesn’t say it, but threatens rape. It’s a moment that makes all the gory violence pale. She simply responds “do whatever you are going to do.” The governor backs down as Maggie refuses to give up the location, but breaks as he holds a gun to Glen’s head. She gives up the group’s location.

*Andrea and Milton are doing some tests on a man who is dying. He insists that zombies have memory of who they are and attempts to prove his point with a volunteer dying of cancer. I was engrossed at this point as the memory of Morgan’s wife returning to the house and turning the door handle in season 1. The test proves futile as the elderly man turns and tries to feast on Milton’s brains as he is trying to question him before Andrea takes him out.

*Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne are outside the Woodbury tire wall plotting as the Governor sends out a small recon group to scout the prison.

Distant screaming fills the air as the scene is focused on a walker drawn to the noise. A big black motherfella who looks like Morgan (Rick’s savior in season 1) enters. A thrill shoots up my spine, but alas, it’s not Morgan. The rest of his group shout for him, “Tyreese!” Damn. He joins the group as they make their way through the wooded area. A woman is bit by a walker who fancies a bit of arm. They drag her off as they see shelter…a large brick building that just happens to be Rick’s prison.

Andrea eyes a photo of the Governor’s family. He enters the room and more slobber swapping happens after she informs him she has plans with Milton. The Gov. retires to wall of floaty heads and to play with his walker daughter, Penny. He tries to sing to her, but she only has eyes for the bowl of flesh sitting next to him. Frustrated, he puts the bag back over her head and puts her back in her cage.

Glen has given Maggie his shirt and the discuss the fact that they were so afraid of the dead, but it’s the living that is still evil. In further acts of badassery, Glen gets ready for Merle’s inevitable return. He rips off the walker’s arm and strips it of flesh. It’s a walking shiv. He gives it to Maggie as Michonne, Rick, Daryl and Oscar get ready to breech the walls of Woodbury. Michonne briefly wanders off, but returns with a route into the town.

Merle and the Gov. talk strategy. As the Governor coldly plans to take out the group at the prison and never tell the residents of his town, Merle requests a free pass for Daryl. The Gov. obliges and agrees to “work something out.” As for Maggie and Glen, the man in charge orders them to be taken to the “Screaming Pits.”

Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne break into the town and enter the room she was questioned in. No one is there and everyone throws shade at her. Daryl suggests they split up, but is interrupted as an older man enters the room stating he knows someone is in there. These are your standard parting words in your average thriller; Rick grabs him demands to know where his people are at. The man is clearly a peon and knows nothing. They bound and gag him before moving on.

Back at the prison, Beth holds baby Judith as Axel hits on her. Carl throws shade and Carol pulls him aside to tell him it’s icky for old dudes with Doc Holiday ‘staches to hit on 17 year old girls. He apologizes stating he has been locked up forever and Maggie and Glen are hooked up and she is lesbian. Carol is slightly affronted and explains she isn’t a lez. He doesn’t believe her because of her “short hair.” She tosses him an eye roll and assures him she likes Dix-on.

Maggie and Glen are ready for Merle and his henchmen. Mags stabs one jobber in the throat with her walker shank and Glen attempts to take out Merle. Maggie has her chance to shoot Merle, but hesitates long enough for minions to come to his aid. They are bagged and being escorted to the aforementioned “pits” when Rick and company throw smoke bombs and rescue the twosome.

Meanwhile, the jig is up in town. The old man stumbles out of the building to inform the Gov. and Andrea that there are intruders. The Governor instructs his rag-tag army to “shoot to kill.” The rescue squad take shelter in a building as Michonne slips out. Glen informs Daryl that Merle was behind their abduction, threw a walker at him and was going to execute him and Maggie. The younger Dixon brother asks if Merle knows he is alive. Glen confirms that he does know and admits to Rick that they were forced to reveal the prison’s location. Daryl wants to find Merle and try to “work something out,” but Rick asserts that he is needed with the group. For a moment, there is indecision. The hesitation quickly passes and Daryl’s loyalty lies with Rick.

Andrea wants to search for the intruders, but the Governor is doing all he can to keep her blissfully ignorant. He puts her on babysitting duty. Michonne finds the Governor’s place as smoke bombs go off in the town square to provide cover for Rick and company to escape. Daryl stays to give cover fire despite Maggie’s protest to stay together. Oscar, predictably, gets shot as Rick has a moment of hesitation after thinking one of the henchmen is Shane.

As Daryl and Merle cluelessly shoot at each other, Michonne finds the governor’s Wall-O-Floaty heads. She also finds Penny. More on that as we go back to the prison where Carl, Beth and Hershel hear screaming somewhere in the prison. Carol is out “patrolling” and Axel is, once again, noticeably absent. Carl volunteers to go check out the noise. In the bowels of the prison, he takes out a walker before find the group we saw in the beginning of the show.

Back to Michonne’s field trip to the world’s worst aquarium. As Michonne opens the door to Penny’s cage she drops her sword and gets on a knee and promises not to her the child. She is totally unaware the little girl wants brains for dinner. She takes off the bag and the horror of zombie child is unleashed. Michonne quickly grabs her sword, turns the girl around and is ready to strike when BAM! The Governor times his entrance perfectly. He throws down his weapons as he begs her not to hurt his “little girl.” After a few seconds of hesitation, Michonne drives her sword into Penny’s head. The Governor and Michonne have an all out, no rules brawl that involves slamming Michonne’s head into the tanks. Nipping heads spill across the floor as they continue to fight. Michonne eventually reaches a piece of glass and plunges into the Gov’s right eye.

Andrea walks in with her gun drawn and she and Michonne stare each other down. The sword wielding woman eventually walks out and Andrea is left to take in the Gov sobbing over Penny as the walker heads nip at her from the floor and the remaining tanks filled with heads provide a backdrop for her WTF? moment.

Carl the newbies to a safe area in the prison and asserts that the bitten woman must be “taken care of.” As the group readies themselves to take her life, Carl locks them in the area. A woman goes crazy, demanding to be let out. She is quickly silenced by Tyreese who dubs Carl a “man” and decides that it is his place and his rules. They return to attending to the bitten woman.

When we return to the Woodbury, the Gov has gotten medical attention and Andrea starts questioning him. He explains his pet heads were to de-sensitize himself so he could operate without hesitation. Merle and Milton enter and the glass shard hasn’t slowed the Gov. He eye(s) Merle after he reports the trespassers got away. You can see the wheels turning as he plots the best way to punish Merle for lying about Michonne’s death.

The rest of the group make it over the wall, but wait for Daryl. Michonne returns and Rick and company are quick to take her sword and start questioning her. She voluntarily gives up her sword and plays the “you need me card” and keeps the details of her turning the Gov into a cyclops to herself.

Woodbury congregates in the center of the town as the Gov rallies them for war. He plays the story as if Rick and the group are “terrorists” who want to overthrow Woodbury. He sources “one of their own” as a traitor and trots out Merle to take the fall as Daryl is escorted into the center, bound and hooded. The Governor weaves the tale that Merle let his brother in to try and overthrow him and take the town. The town screams for Merle and Daryl’s blood with demands they be killed. Andrea looks on dumbfounded and the Governor is pleased with the punishment.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns in February! BAH! See you then!

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